2018 Impressions

Reflexion at Dalayee lake
A beautiful fall day at Dalayee Lake

2018 saison impressions

I have to devote the month of November to catching up on office work. Of course, it is time to report, update the website, look back and hatch plans for the next season. If this rather dry work needs some inspiration, I look thru my picture folder and get lost in all those good memories! I will happily share a few of my season’s highlights with you. None of the trips would have been memorable if it wouldn’t be for the interaction with you – all the inspirational people I meet while working!

Northern lights reflections
Stunning view of the northern lights reflection at Dalayee lake
Northern lights
The northern lights are reflecting on Swatka Lake
Fall in the alpine
The alpine is presenting itself in the most beautiful colours
Fall hiking in Kluane National Park
This lake is along the Auriol Trail in Kluane National Park
Fall in Haines Junction
From the boreal forest to the alpine. Along the Auriol Tail in Kluane National Park.

On this trip  to Kluane National Park in September we had more cloudy days than sunny days but the colours and nature encounters were outstanding!

Fall colours in the Tombstones
Stunning views along Grizzly trail in Tombstone Territorial Park

End of August is the best time to visit Tombstone Territorial Park to see the fall colours up north.

Tenting on the lake
There is no shortage of stunning places to pitch a tent!
Rewarding views
A highlight of this hiking trip in the north Yukon
Tenting in the alpine
Just occasionally Ginger comes along to share my adventures.
Hiking in the Ruby Range
A mountain scramble with a great view!

Galavanting in an unspoiled wilderness. Interested in joining our Ruby Range trip in the summer of 2019?

Canoeing the Teslin River
Fresh fish for dinner is a welcome treat

A canoe trip wouldn’t be the same without fresh caught fish for dinner.  Who wants to catch a Grayling on the Teslin River in July?

On the Way to Dawson
Great view of the Yukon River

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