If you dream about marveling at the stars and the northern lights or listening to stillness enriched by the sounds of nature, the Yukon offers it. Maybe you enjoy paddling through waters as clear as crystal, scrambling up to pristine alpine meadows or immersing yourself in a landscape as wild and as serene as never experienced before. The Yukon has all this and more.


A Taiga Journey gives you the opportunity to connect with nature and to make your trip a journey into your mind. Time is free for inspiration and reflection on things that truly matter to you. A Taiga Journey rejuvenates and nourishes your spirit. A Taiga Journey is traveling in a respectful way, keeping the footprint as small as possible.


Andrea, Christoph and their children Annina and Katja were born in Switzerland but have called the Yukon their home since 2000. “We are fascinated by the pristine environment we are living in. The intimate connection with nature makes us appreciate how precious our world is. That is what we would like to share with our journey companions from all over the world.”


Andrea is fascinated with the trip opportunities the Yukon offers. Paddling, hiking or skiing through a landscape that seems endless; can life get any better?! Besides loving to be on a trip, she focuses on natural history interpretation and her passion and curiosity about nature is contagious. She says, “we come to appreciate what we know and love. That is my motivation to show you how wonderful this corner of the world is!”


Christoph is intrigued by the simplicity of a cabin on a secluded lake. These places offer a respite from schedules and they make the wilderness even more enjoyable. Here the slower pace gives you more time to care about things that matter to yourself. Christoph has a respectful approach to the environment. As well, he looks after technical matters and cares about buildings and equipment. He equally enjoys paddling a canoe for a day or joining the eagles in his floatplane.


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