Teslin River

What paddling trip is the right one for me?


How to choose the right paddling trip?

To me paddling a red canoe on a clear northern river has always been a dream come true! What is your dream?

How can you find the trip that suits you the best?

I hope this blog helps you make the decision.

A canoe trip is the true wilderness experience in a secluded part of this world. Canoeing is physically not as demanding as backpacking. Although a good level of fitness is required to enjoy the trip!

evening light
Every evening we set up camp in a new location

Here are a few points that characterize a canoeing trip with Taiga Journeys:

  • You are part of a small group
  • You will paddle a two-person red canoe (great for pictures)
  • You will leave roads and houses behind
  • You will switch your cellphone off – hurray, no cell service!
  • You will eat healthy and well during a trip
  • You will learn paddling, camping and wilderness traveling skills.
  • You will setup camp in a different location every evening
  • Your guide is familiar with the river, the fauna and flora and the history
  • Your guide is a long-time resident of the Yukon
  • Since its beginning in 2009, Taiga Journeys has been operating without any accidents
  • Taiga Journeys is family-run
Happy on the river
We let the current take over und drift down the river
Wilderness at its best

A word on the different trips

Teslin River:

  • Has a gentle current to start
  • Less volume than the Yukon River
  • Is less traveled than the Yukon river
  • Great potential for wildlife sightings
  • Fly-out option from Hootalinqua makes for a shorter trip
Beaver flight
The short version of the trip on the Teslin river includes a flight with a float plane to return to Whitehorse

Yukon River:

  • The classic
  • Very easy to paddle, no previous experience needed
  • Great historic locations along
Yukon River
Artifacts from the gold rush are encountered along the river

Nisutlin River:

  • The lesser known
  • Sandy beaches
  • Great fishing
  • Transparent clear water
  • Great for wildlife watching
Catch of the day
Pike -Catch of the day, they come in all different sizes. Do I need to point out, that no one was hungry that evening?

Big Salmon River:

  • You are in for a longer adventure
  • More challenging paddling, previous experiences needed
  • A small river which picks up volume to the end
  • Logjams may require a portage
Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle are often seen along the river

Pelly River:

  • Off the beaten track
  • Easy to paddle
  • Super nice in fall colours
Preparing dinner
Fresh caught fish is prepared for dinner

30 Mile River:

  • The 30 Mile river is a section of the Yukon river
  • A great introduction into wilderness paddling
  • Great historic locations along the way
  • A short trip
A birds eye view
A birds eye view of the confluence of the Yukon and Teslin rivers

Liard River:

  • Fly-in river in southern Yukon
  • Starting in a creek and witnessing how a small river grows bigger
  • Challenging sections in the upper part
  • A boreal meander
Wildlife along the river is always a nice sight!


How many hours are we paddling every day?

We will paddle 5 to 6 hours every day, some days are easier than others! Especially if we have headwind, we have to work a bit harder! Usually our schedule leaves room for extended breaks at lunch on shore and there is a lot of time later in the afternoon at camp to enjoy where you are!

Can we fish?

If clients wish to fish, we will make sure they have opportunity to do so. And for a lot of people eating fresh caught fish is a highlight! But fishing will not be the main purpose of the trip!

Are there salmon?

With some luck we will see Salmon starting end of July during their migration up river. We have to respect the angling regulations and Salmon fishing may be closed

What type of tent are we using?

Taiga Journeys is using roomy 2 person tents on river trips

What if I have dietary restriction?

You will be required to disclose any dietary restrictions or allergies before the trip.

Taiga Journeys will have meal options for everyone on the trip.

How big will the group be?

The group may be as small as 3 clients and as big as 7 clients. Most group sizes are 4 to 5 clients plus a guide.

 Do I have to help with camp chores?

You will be required to set up your own tent. Help with other chores is always appreciated!

Is there cell coverage on the river?

No! Your guide will have a satellite phone for emergencies.

Can we do a hut to hut paddling tip?

No, there is no such thing on Yukon Rivers!

Is there a shower?

There is no shower but a lot of clean water in Yukon’s rivers. Swimming in the river is possible for the hardy ones. I often prefer a sponge bath!

Are we camping in reserved campsites?

No, camping on Yukon’s river is first come first serve. Only a few spots will have outhouses and picnic tables. If we are not camping in these spots, we are responsible for our own comfort!

Will we see wildlife?

Our trips are in remote areas that are frequent by wildlife. Wildlife encounters can’t be predicted and are always a bonus! Wildlife that can be observed is moose, wolves, lynx, mule deer, and black bear. Birds are abundant!

Will we see northern lights?

Our summer nights are not dark enough to see northern lights. So, no northern lights until middle of August!


How bad are the bugs?

Most clients don’t need to wear a bug net. It helps to wear long sleeved shirts and pants. Insect repellent spray is recommended too.

Camping on a gravel bar along the river
Anglers luck!
Sunset along the river
A peaceful sunset on the Teslin River

“On river from Lake Laberge to Little Salmon by the end of August 2019.
The trip was perfectly organized (a must when going in the wild outdoor) and yet we had the complete feeling of freedom that one can enjoy in such a nature landscape. Andrea knows how to guide the group so that we could all move safely and enjoy each and every moment. We even took a chance pike fishing, saw salmons going upstream…
Besides being an experienced guide, Andrea is a passionate nature lover, sharing and explaining, and there is a lot on the Yukon.
I warmly recommend going on a trip with Andrea”.

J.B., Paris  on Tripadvisor

A moose with her 2 calves along the river
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