The Land of the Midnight Sun

Yukon Sunset at midnight
Beautiful Yukon sunset around midnight in June

The land of the midnight sun

Picture yourself in the land of the midnight sun! The true midnight sun is only seen at or past the arctic circle. But even in Whitehorse it doesn’t get dark at night this time of the year. No need to bring a flash light to read your bedside book! What an outstanding experience! Are you ready for your Yukon adventure?

Grizzly bears are often seen foraging in meadows
A Grizzly bear forages along the road at Kluane Lake. Picture Detlef Schwartz

This will be my 18thsummer in the Yukon and I am still finding new places to explore and I am as enthusiastic as back in 2000 when I spent my first summer at Frances Lake. I am looking forward to sharing wildlife sightings and a great unrevealed wilderness with my clients.

Dalayee Lake cabins
Our log cabin is situated on this beautiful lake!

Preparations for our summer season are underway

The gear needed to be checked and some gear needs to be replaced.  The company vehicle needed a windshield replacement ad new tires. Now it’s all ready to hit the rough Yukon highways again!

Christoph has been waiting for the ice to go out at Dalayee Lake to be able to land on the lake by float plane, push the floating dock back in the water and complete the spring cleaning at the cabin. If you are still looking for an escape in style to a cozy log cabin on a secluded lake, this is your chance: We have a few openings for this summer.

A peaceful paddling experience
Kayaking in the early morning fog

Early season training

Early season training always includes some paddling.  I started with a kayaking trip on the coast. Observing marine wildlife, birds and the omni present Grizzly bears munching on the sedges along the beach were a daily treat. This spring I had to renew my advanced wilderness first aid training. It was an intensive week, fast paced in a fun learning environment. A few day hikes and Nature Encounters on trails around Whitehorse rounded off the early-season training.

Dempster Highway
Dempster Highway, the road to the arctic circle

Birdwatching on the Dempster

My first trip this season brought me up the Dempster highway to guide keen birders from Toronto to stunning birdwatching locations as close to the arctic as it gets. Despite the unseasonal cool weather we had exciting bird sightings to check off the life list and of course the view into the tombstone mountains never disappoints!

Birdwatching along the Dempster Highway.
Dempster highway
Tombstone Mountains on the Dempster highway
A beaver pick up is always a highlight
This Teslin River trip ends with a pick up by float plane.

Paddling the Teslin River

A short drive from Whitehorse will bring us to Johnson’s Crossings for the put in right under the highest bridge on the Alaska Highway. The Teslin River starts out with a gentle current, jut right to get used to maneuver our heavy loaded canoes. This river is well suited for the novice paddler. Not long into the trip we will have left all signs of civilization and we will follow the rhythm of the river. Every day we will have to cover some distance on the river and we will set up camp in a new location. This trip offers a great wilderness paddle, endless evenings around a campfire, wildlife watching and an immersion into the stillness. At the end we will be picked up by float plane directly on the river for our flight back to Whitehorse. This trip doesn’t require any previous paddling experience!

Hiking Kluane National Park

Last night we returned from our week long day hiking trip. Here are a few impressions.

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Hiking in Kluane National Park
Alpine Flowers at the top of the Auriol Trail
Nature pur in Kluane National Park
Day hiking in Kluane National Park
Kluane National Park
Great day hiking in Kluane National Park
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